Door Access Control Systems by Door Access Control Specialist​ in Singapore

A wide range of door access control systems are available from Assista Singapore. There are door access control systems with face recognition, fingerprint recognition, palm recognition, proximity card and/or PIN authentication. Many models support multiple types of authentication. Customers in Singapore can choose to have installation, configuration and maintenance services from Assista.

We combine our expertise in security, electronics, IT and telecommunications to offer you a wide range of door access control systems. Some of the door access control systems & technologies offered are described below. If you do not find what you want here, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Axoul Security Door Access Control Systems

The Axoul Security Door Access Control Systems are specially tailored to the security needs at offices, home and various industry groups. Let Assista help you to choose the right technology to get the right results.

Implementing a secure and reliable door access control solution requires proper planning and study on the application, users’ security goals, environment, project management, cabling and many more. Assista could assist you with your security concerns without compromising on safety.

Multiple types of authentication are supported by different models.

Face Recognition

Contactless, smart face recognition system

Fingerprint Biometrics Door Access Control system

Fingerprint Recognition

Highly accurate & fast fingerprint recognition system

Proximity Card & PIN Authentication

Contactless, proximity card system
Personal Identification Number code authentication​

Palm Recognition

Personal Identification Number code authentication