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Biometric access systems such as a face recognition system provides extra level of protection as well as convenience to offices, various industries, and homes.
By assessing unique facial patterns using strict measuring procedures, face recognition biometric access systems make reliable access control systems since they do not rely solely on access methods such as PINs and passwords, which are transferrable.

Face recognition biometric access systems are usually multi-biometric as well as multi-accessible. This means that they can be accessed using face, fingerprint, an access card, or a passcode, or a combination of these, depending on the user’s needs.

Featured Face Recognition Door Access System Packages for Clients in Singapore

ZK Teco MultiBio 700 (Original, International Version) c/w Door Access Control Installation

NOT Chinese-modified, NOT lower-grade version
Face Recognition/ Fingerprint/ Card/ PIN
Access Control & Time Tracking Software
Price in Singapore Dollars.


Hikvision DS-K1T341AMF Face Recognition/ Fingerprint/ Mifare Card Access c/w Door Access Control Installation

Face Recognition/ Fingerprint/ Card/ PIN
Access Control & Time Tracking Software
Price in Singapore Dollars:


Hikvision DS-K1T671MF Face Recognition/ Fingerprint/ Mifare Card/PIN Access c/w Door Access Control Installation

Face Recognition/ Fingerprint/ Mifare M1 Card/ PIN

Access Control & Time Tracking Software Price in Singapore Dollars:


Hikvision DS-K1T341BMI-T Face Recognition Fingerprint Mifare Card Access with Temperature Screening

Face Recognition/ Fingerprint/ Card/ PIN Access Control & Time Tracking Software Temperature Screening c/w Door Access Control Installation

Face Recognition/ Fingerprint/ Card/ PIN Access Control & Time Tracking Software Temperature Screening Price in Singapore Dollars:


Installation of Face Recognition Door Access System

The installation of face recognition door access system involves a few steps;

  1. Installation of face recognition reader
  2. Installation of electromagnetic lock
  3. Installation of power supply unit
  4. Cabling works
  5. Installation of exit button, breakglass unit
  6. Power up tests and configurations
  7. Enrollment of users and testing
  8. Optional Installation and configuration of time attendance & access control features/ software
  9. Administrator training

Facial Recognition: How It Works

First, administrator need to use the face recognition reader to capture and register the face of the users.

Face information are stored in the face recognition reader.

Configurations are made and user policies are setup.

When the user is in front of the face recognition reader, the reader activates the built-in camera and carries out a 1:N matching of the face of the user with the face in the database.

Some of the systems support identification even when the user is wearing a mask so the user does not need to remove the mask in order to be identified.

Other specialized type of face recognition system also detects the temperature of the user. User may not be granted access to the premise if his temperature is detected above a preset limit. The temperature of the user can also be recorded and reported in an Excel file.

Once the user is identified, the door will be unlocked for a programmed period of time e.g. 4-99 seconds.

Other information such as time and date of door unlock are recorded.

Types of Face Recognition Systems

1) Face Recognition with Mask On

This type of face recognition system is able to recognize user even when the face mask is worn.

2) Face Recognition without Mask

When using this type of system, the user must remove his mask for identification before access is granted.

Why use Face Recognition Access Control?

Facial recognition technologies today are accurate and convenient. Facial recognition is a biometrics feature that helps systems to identify users and grant access quickly.

Face biometric system does not require physical contact between the user and the reader. This is especially useful today as users are trying to minimize touching surfaces of equipment that is shared with many other users.

Besides that, face recognition helps workers at warehouse and factories to work efficiently while carrying goods into premises with their hands.

Face Recognition Door Access Control Hardware

The hardware for face recognition door access include the face recognition reader, electromagnetic door lock, exit button, emergency break glass unit, power supply unit, battery backup, cables, optional brackets to hold the electromagnetic locks and optional network devices such as routers and switches for connection to time attendance & access control software.

Considerations for Face Recognition

Some consideration include;

  1. Speed & accuracy of facial recognition
  2. Number of users
  3. Ease of configuration
  4. Optional capability for remote connection and checking on time attendance data or remote addition/ deletion of users
  5. Optional capability to unlock door remotely
  6. Optional added security feature to prevent door unlocking by tampering on reader
  7. Extra layers of security by having integration with burglar alarm system & CCTV system

Adding Time Attendance Reporting to Face Recognition

Some face recognition systems come with optional time attendance reporting.

This feature enables business owners, Human Resource officers and managers to track the time the employees & staffs begin and end their work day.

Reports can be generated in Excel format for further editing.

Administrators can optionally setup the system to calculate the number of working hours depending on the workers work schedule.

Alternative Authentication Methods to Face Recognition

Depending on the model that is selected, the face recognition door access systems offer alternative authentication methods using;

  1. Fingerprint recognition
  2. Proximity card
  3. Personal Identification Number ( PIN )