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Singapore CCTV System/ Video Surveillance System by Axoul Security

The Axoul Security Video Surveillance/ CCTV Systems are specially designed to meet the needs of customers from a wide range of industry groups. The CCTV systems include but are not limited to these listed below.

CCTV Systems by Axoul Security

Axoul Security Fine CCTV System
Axoul Security EZY4 CCTV Systems
Axoul Security Max MultiView2 CCTV Systems
Axoul Security FlexFine CCTV Systems

Singapore CCTV System/ Video Surveillance System by Axoul Security

Fine CCTV Systems

The latest range of Fine CCTV Systems offer a better H.264 alternative to the Ezy4 and are very suitable for CCTV recordings that involves a lot of crowd & movement. This is the choice for busy branches, shops, offices and more. In the near future, this could be our most popular CCTV systems for security surveillance implementation of four cameras and beyond. The Fine CCTV System supports both analogue CCTV cameras & up to 5 Megapixel IP cameras. More interesting developments are coming your way!

Fine CCTV System DVR 1

Fine CCTV System DVR 2

Fine CCTV Systems logo

Fine CCTV System Cameras

FlexFine CCTV Systems

The FlexFine CCTV Systems offer our customers more flexibilities & greater control in managing real-time CCTV recordings & playbacks. Variable bitrate can be used to prolong your video recordings. FlexFine is the choice of large organizations which require greater control over the management of CCTV Systems.

FlexFine CCTV System Logo

FlexFine CCTV System DVR

FlexFine CCTV System DVR 2

FlexFine CCTV System Cameras

EZY4 CCTV Systems

The latest H.264 compression standard is gaining popularity in the CCTV market. More and more customers are choosing our EZY4 CCTV Systems which uses the H.264 compression to optimize video quality for remote live viewing. With the EZY4 H.264 Digital Video Recorder, the recording file size could be minimized and thus your recording time could be increased significantly. Do note that different H.264 systems in the current marketplace performs differently so we encourage you to arrange for an appointment & demo at the shop.

The Digital Video Recorders are easy to operate and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Use the Ezy4 to monitor activities in public areas, retail outlets, factories, shopping centres, power plant, schools, at home and more.

Although the EZY4 was designed with the cost-conscious users in mind, the EZY4 is packed with useful features such as 3G/ internet remote live viewing, motion detection, triplex capabilities and H.264 compression for recording and remote live viewing. A great value-for-money CCTV System not to be missed.

Ezy4 CCTV Systems Logo

Ezy4 CCTV Systems DVR 1

Ezy4 CCTV Systems DVR 2

Ezy4 CCTV System Cameras

CCTV Singapore photo from Ezy4 CCTV System

Max MultiView2 CCTV Systems

Max MultiView is the cost-effective & expandable Closed Circuit Television System that supports up to 16 surveillance cameras on a single Digital Video Recorder & Server. The flexible CCTV solution enables you to combine the view of as many as 256 cameras connected to different Max MultiView DVRs from a single console. If you have multiple CCTV sites, the Central Management System ( CMS ) could help you to better manage the monitoring of the activities at all sites. 3G or GPRS viewing is supported, enabling you to see what’s happening when you're away.

Max MultiView2 CCTV System Logo

Max MultiView2 CCTV System DVR1

Max MultiView2 CCTV System DVR2

Max MultiView2 CCTV System Cameras


Discontinued CCTV Systems

We continually improve the range of CCTV Systems to offer more value, better features, added convenience, clarity & security to our customers. Below is the list of discontinued CCTV Systems from us. We continue to provide service and maintenance for discontinued CCTV Systems fully installed by us. If prior agreement have been made with us, we reserve spare parts for our customers for future replacements.

Ezy3 CCTV System ( replaced by Ezy4 & Ezy5 )
Ezy2 CCTV System ( replaced by Ezy4 & Ezy5 )
Ezy CCTV System ( replaced by Ezy2 )
Compacta CCTV System
Max MultiView CCTV System ( replaced by Max MultiView2 )
Max View CCTV System ( replaced by Max MultiView 2 )

Not sure which solution you need? Call (65) 6744 3178 now for assistance.

These products are specially brought to you by Assista Infocomm & Security Pte Ltd.

Enquiries from other countries are welcomed. Contact Assista now for opportunities to become a distributor/ reseller in your country.


General Setup of an Axoul Security CCTV System

Generally, a basic setup of Axoul Security CCTV System consists of CCTV Cameras connected to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) using CCTV cables such as the low-loss RG-59 cable. CCTV channels could be displayed on a TV or in some cases a PC Monitor. A Network Digital Video Recorder, sometimes called the NDVR that could be connected to the Local Area Network ( LAN ), Wide Area Network ( WAN ) or the internet is commonly used to enable users to remotely monitor what’s happening through the internet or 3G connection.

General setup of Singapore CCTV system with remote monitoring by Axoul Security


1)   Axoul Security Network Digital Video Recorder ( NDVR ) or Digital Video Recorder ( DVR )

The Axoul Security’s Network Digital Video Recorder could be configured to record video and audio signals. The video recordings could be made in a few ways, i.e. continuous, scheduled, or turned on when motion is detected. CCTV recordings are digitized and stored into one or more hard disks depending on the configuration. This enables the administrator to retrieve or backup the CCTV recordings with simple and fast searches based on the date, time, event and CCTV channel. Gone are those days when CCTV administrators have to slowly search through stacks of video tapes to retrieve recordings which could also deteriorate in quality over time.

Our customers like the Axoul Security’s NDVR for the ability to remotely monitor live or playback CCTV footages without being there at the site. In such a setup, a broadband connection is required both at the CCTV site and the remote monitoring location. Axoul Security’s CCTV system can work with most routers in the market and even behind a corporate firewall. It is possible to use a Dynamic or Static IP address from the broadband service provider. If you need to harden your existing network against cyber intruders, Assista could assist you with an installation of firewall.

You can backup CCTV recordings using a few methods depending on the model of the NDVR that is installed. The most basic way is to have a direct network cable connection from a PC or notebook computer to the NDVR. Using a special CCTV client software, you can select the start and end date and time as well as the CCTV channel that requires backup. Some models of the NDVR have built-in USB port that enables direct backup to a thumb drive without having another PC or notebook computer turned on. You can also backup the recordings directly onto a DVD if the model of the NDVR comes with built-in DVD-writer.


2)   Axoul Security CCTV Cameras

Axoul Security offers a wide range of CCTV cameras to meet the different needs of customers.
There are many different types of CCTV cameras so do call us to help you to select the right cameras for the right application.

Some of the commonly used cameras include but are not limited to:

   - Dome Cameras
   - Dome Infrared Cameras
   - Outdoor Infrared Cameras
   - Standard Box Cameras
   - Hidden Cameras/ Covert Cameras/ Spy Cameras
   - PTZ Cameras/ Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras & Speed Dome Cameras
   - Dummy Cameras

Before selecting the type of CCTV cameras, do take some time to consider these questions below. The list is a general guide and it is always a good idea to arrange for a site survey with us and have a discussion to make an informed decision.

What are the objects that you want to monitor? Do you want to capture faces of people with maximum clarity?
Does the CCTV cameras require night vision and able to capture videos when the environment is pitch dark?
What is the distance between the camera and the objects to be captured?
What is the angle of view required?
Where would you want to place the CCTV cameras? Indoor or outdoor?
Would you prefer to install hidden cameras?
What are the pros and cons of installing wireless cameras?
Which type of cameras will be most suitable for you? IP type of cameras or the analogue type?
How is the lighting condition in the environment that you want to monitor? Are there strong reflections of light or bright light shining in certain directions?
Do you need the CCTV camera to focus on a particular area?
Do you need the flexibility to pan 360 degrees, tilt or optically zoom in on a particular area?
Are there any blind spots that should not be left out of view?
How would you provide consistent and stable power supply to the cameras?
How do you secure the cameras from tampering?



Selecting Assista Infocomm & Security Pte Ltd as your preferred Axoul Security CCTV Installer

As you might be able to see it, implementing a CCTV System requires more than just selecting the correct hardware such as CCTV cameras, CCTV DVR or NDVR, CCTV cables and software. One of the many advantages of selecting Assista Infocomm & Security Pte Ltd as your preferred CCTV System installer is that we could combine our experience in Security, Telecommunications, IT and Computer Networking to provide you with the best results and service possible.

We also differentiate ourselves from others in the CCTV market by getting directly involved and in control of every stage of the CCTV implementation, i.e. from pre-sales to project management, from cabling to the setup of cameras, from integration of CCTV system with the computer network to the user training stage and handover of CCTV system, from post-sales feedback to servicing the customers again.

Our customers have told us that they like the special attention and care given to them. They come from a wide range of industries such as automobile, construction, engineering, town council, shipping, IT, real estate and more. Some are individuals who prefer the personalized services and they never hesitate to call us whether they need a big or small help from us.

Assista is a professional CCTV System Installer, CCTV System Cabling Contractor, CCTV System Product Developer, CCTV System Importer & Exporter & CCTV System Retailer.

CCTV Cameras Installed by Assista

CCTV Singapore Home Installation 1

CCTV Singapore Home Installation 2

CCTV Singapore Home Installation 3

CCTV Singapore Home Installation 4

CCTV Singapore Home Installation 5

Note: In order for us to serve you better, it is best to call us on the sales hotline 6337 2148 to arrange an appointment before visiting us at the Office cum Showroom. The sales hotline is available 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week.


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