CCTV for Singapore Restaurants & Food Courts from CCTV Specialist in Singapore Assista

CCTV Systems are widely used in Singapore restaurants and food courts. There are small CCTV systems that can be used for monitoring the activities in a small restaurant or a food stall with areas below 600 square feet. Generally, restaurants and food courts with larger areas in Singapore require more CCTV cameras to cover the eating areas, cashier counters, store, corridors and walkways.

CCTV Benefits for Restaurants & Food Courts in Singapore

Regardless of the size, restaurant & food court owners in Singapore need to monitor their business premises to ensure the smooth running of their daily operations. HD CCTV systems help to monitor cash payments and activities at the cashier counters. Microphones can be used to record the conversations and order taking at the order and payment counters to help resolve any misunderstandings.

Some patrons might lose their belongings while they are busy tucking into the delicious food. There are also possible fights that break out in restaurants due to misunderstandings or consumption of alcoholic drinks. CCTV systems help the business owners and the Singapore authorities to trace the culprits and solve the cases.

Singapore business owners have concerns over the movement of their stocks. Some food items such as wines and seafood are expensive items that need to be monitored by CCTV to prevent theft and mischief among employees.

Besides security concerns, CCTV systems help to provide a clearer overview of the smooth running of a restaurant or food court. Managers are able to monitor the performance of staff such as chefs, cooks, waiters, and cleaning workers. Long queues are an indication to the restaurant owners that they need to improve their business planning and operations.

The cleanliness of some restaurants and food courts in Singapore is monitored through HD CCTV systems. Cooks and cleaners in Singapore are required to practice good hygiene and keep food wastes in the right places to prevent choking on the sinks and washbasins.

Some restaurants have restricted office areas that need to be constantly monitored as well. CCTV cameras need to be installed to prevent unauthorized entry into sensitive areas and prevent theft.

In Singapore, many owners of the restaurant chains and food courts need extra “eyes” to monitor multiple branches constantly. CCTV systems with remote monitoring enable such business owners and managers to monitor the premises even when they are away. For larger operators, such CCTV systems monitoring can even be carried out by the staff of the companies in different countries.

Some of Assista’s CCTV solutions come with Push Video notifications that produce alerts on smartphones instantly should there be any abnormal events detected.

CCTV Considerations for Singapore's Restaurants & Food Courts

CCTV solutions for restaurants and food courts in Singapore need to be sharp and clear enough to help monitor and record the activities, entry and exit movements of people, goods & materials. There are many types of CCTV cameras to choose from, depending on the distance, field of view, lighting conditions and user’s ability to control movements of the CCTV camera such as Pan, Tilt or Zoom.

Assista have the experience and capabilities to supply, install and maintain CCTV systems for restaurants and food courts of various sizes. We are specialists in Remote Monitoring and High Definition HD CCTV systems. Besides CCTV, we also provide Door Access Control and burglar alarm systems.

The CCTV system should be carefully chosen to enable quick live monitoring & playback should there be any break-ins of unfortunate incidents. The recorded videos should be playable smoothly and in the format of High Definition CCTV. Owners and managers need to be notified quickly of any tresspassings into the restaurants and food courts. Should there be any unfortunate incidents, the CCTV footages need to be backed up in format that can be handed over to the relevant Singapore authorities and insurance company for further investigations.

Be sure to have a CCTV system that covers the monitoring needs. Experience tells us that the time to respond to an unfortunate incident is crucial to solving the problem or minimizing the damages.

Assista will ensure that every CCTV system supplied & installed by us in Singapore come with adequate administrator and user training.

We spend the time with our customers to identify the CCTV requirements before any installation. After installation, we provide sufficient training and after-sales support to ensure that the customers are left behind with a CCTV system that they truly know how to operate.