Panasonic KX-TDA100/ KX-TDA100SN Singapore Telephone System & KX-TDA100/ KX-TDA100SN Optional Cards from Panasonic

Panasonic’s KX-TDA100 / KX-TDA100SN is a powerful communications system designed to support growth for your business and provide the tools you need to be efficient and competitive. The KX-TDA100 / KX-TDA100SN is a flexible system that can be configured to support from 8 extension ports up to 64 extension ports. Up to 64 trunks can be supported. The system is designed with flexible slots to enable easy expansion with optional trunk, extension and other cards. The KX-TDA100 / KX-TDA100SN is a hybrid system that supports both Panasonic digital proprietary phones such as the KX-DT346X, KX-DT343X, KX-DT333X, KX-DT321X, KX-T7636, KX-T7633, KX-T7630 & KX-T7625 and Panasonic analogue proprietary phones such as the KX-T7730X & KX-T7735X. It is possible for customers to use their existing Panasonic key telephones when migrating from smaller Panasonic business telephone systems such as the KX-TES824 / KX-TES824SN or older KX-TA308 / KX-TA308SN systems to the KX-TDA100 / KX-TDA100SN system. Assista provides optional integration with Voice Mail & Automated Attendant Systems. Call Assista now to tailor the system to fit your business communications needs.

System Capacity
64 Extension Ports

64ch Trunk Ports

System Features
Automatic ISDN Setting (BRI)

Automatic Route Selection (ARS) / Least Cost Routing (LCR)
PC Console/PC Phone
PC Programming
Visual Caller ID
Digital Extra Device Port (XDP)
Hands-free Operation

DECT Features
Automatic Handover

Wireless XDP Parallel Mode

ISDN Service Features
Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)

Direct Dialling Inward (DDI)
ISDN Call Forward (CFU/CFNR/CFB)
Multiple Subscriber Numbers (MSN)

Networking Features
ARS with VoIP

QSIG Connection
VoIP Network (Built-in IP-GW)

KX-TDA100/ KX-TDA100SN Optional Cards from Panasonic Singapore

The Optional cards that can be installed into the KX-TDA100 / KX-TDA100SN supports system expansion and features such as analogue trunks, ISDN30 / ISDN PRI, ISDN BRI, VoIP gateway, digital hybrid extension, digital extension, single line telephone extension, door phone & door opener, computer telephony integration (CTI) and DECT options.