CCTV for Singapore Warehouse from CCTV Specialist in Singapore Assista

CCTV for use in Singapore warehouses can be categorized into a few different types. The types of CCTV systems are selected based on a few factors. In Singapore, the term “warehouse” is generally used to describe a place where goods or materials are stored. The size of the warehouse varies from a 600 square feet mini-warehouse within a large building to over 500,000 square feet building with high ceiling.

CCTV Benefits for Warehouses in Singapore

Regardless of the size, every company or organization in Singapore that has a warehouse needs to secure the place from unauthorized access and theft. Besides securing against theft, a well-deployed CCTV can also help the owners and the Singapore authorities to check the source of unfortunate events such as fire and destruction.

Some companies in Singapore choose to deploy security guards and dogs to monitor their warehouses. This choice becomes important when there are high-value items that could be stolen within minutes of unauthorized entry. While this might be a good choice in some situations, the deployment of multiple security guards 24 hours a day is an expensive option.

Thanks to the innovations in CCTV technologies, the number of security guards can be minimized and the monitoring of warehouses can be smarter than before. Today, CCTV systems with remote monitoring functions enable owners, managers, and security personnel to monitor warehouses using their smartphones. Some of Assista’s CCTV solutions come with Push Video notifications that produce alerts on smartphones instantly should there be any abnormal events detected.

CCTV Considerations for Singapore's Warehouse

CCTV solutions for warehouses in Singapore need to be sharp and clear enough to help monitor and record the entry and exit movements of people, vehicles, goods & materials. There are many types of CCTV cameras to choose from, depending on the distance, field of view, lighting conditions and user’s ability to control movements of the CCTV camera such as Pan, Tilt or Zoom.

Assista have the experience and capabilities to supply, install and maintain CCTV systems for warehouses of various sizes. Besides CCTV we also provide Door Access Control and burglar alarm systems for warehouse.

The CCTV system should be carefully chosen to enable quick live monitoring of areas should there be any break-ins of unfortunate incidents. The recorded videos should be playable smoothly and in the format of High Definition CCTV. Security guards, owners and managers need to be notified quickly of any tresspassings into the warehouse. Should there be any unfortunate incidents, the CCTV footages need to be backed up in format that can be handed over to the relevant Singapore authorities and insurance company for further investigations.

Be sure to have a CCTV system that covers the monitoring needs. Experience tells us that the time to respond to an unfortunate incident is crucial to solving the problem or minimizing the damages.

Assista will ensure that every CCTV system supplied & installed by us in Singapore come with adequate administrator and user training.

We spend the time with our customers to identify the CCTV requirements before any installation. After installation, we provide sufficient training and after-sales support to ensure that the customers are left behind with a CCTV system that they truly know how to operate

Sample of CCTV Cameras Installed by Assista Infocomm & Security Pte Ltd